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Dharmikta Mandali Annual Report 2015


Dharmikta Mandali Annual Report 2015

Dharmikta Mandali Annual Report 2015

It is great pleasure made us from His work done in our ministry. We would like to give a lot of thanks to our prayer partners for your valuable pray and support to our ministry. 


Dharmikta Mandali has recently celebrated its 6th year’s anniversary. We appreciate and acknowledge to our dear sponsor and prayer co-partner for your strength support and contribution to get reach us till

this period. We honor our God and say Glory to God. We exist here due to the grace of the Lord. Church feels blessing in this year also. When we remind the past of the beginning of our fellowship we know we started in a small rented room with a few family but now God increased people and place in our ministry. Within this short year we have established 8 daughters’ churches in different districts as well. All this things have been done due to God grace and your strength prayer support to us. 

The progress news report of 6ht year anniversary describe as fallow.


Saturday service: the regular weekly fellowship of the church is going well and smoothly of this year. Members of the church feel blessing.  

Home fellowship: every week we go to visit believers’ house to do fellowship together. This fellowship provides us opportunity to meet believers individually and receive their prayer needs and also help us to care them. They feel easy and comfortable to share about their thinks. Apart from we have this Children school, Youth fellowship, women fellowship, father fellowship is going well in this year. 


Church            Planting          and fallow       up:       Dharmikta church vision is to share gospel and      establish

church in different district of Nepal. In this year we established a daughter church in Dharan district. It is in the eastern part of Nepal. We have sent a couple as a missionary in that place.

They are doing well in that place. We have 20 believers in that church. Name of that new

church is Dharmikta Biswash Mandali. 

We have been visiting to our daughter churches to fallow up them do pray and fellowship with them and encouraged them.

Christmas calibration: it was blessing Christmas for all of us. We conducted a program in Christmas day. We invite our neighbors and share gospel and also daughter churches also join with us in this great day. It was blessing and enjoying to all of us.  


Church building Construction: We have been praying for own church building since from long time. Praise the Lord we have now own church building. We started to build church building by faith. We didn’t have sufficient fund finally through your prayer and support. Many friends raise their helping hand and support to us. Through all your prayer and valuable

Opening ceremony of new church Gorkha

support we have built a church building in Bhainsepati, not only that we have able to build new church building in Dharmikta Ashis Church Gorkha district as well and also able to buy church land in Okhaldunga and Dolakha Church. Now

we have own church building where we feel comfortable to do worshi  p and feeling blessing to do fellowship in our won church building. 

Baptism Program: This year we conducted baptism program for new believers.             We      conducted       joint

baptism program in Panauti where Dhulikhel Church and Dharmikta church Kathmandu’s new believers were participated. There are 12 new people took baptism. We gave baptism for some people in our daughter churches in Okhaldunga and Dharan in this year. 

Bible School: it has just finished the 9th semester graduation of Pillars Academy. 13 students are graduated in this year. The class was started since from 2nd February 2015. This training

was blessing to all the students. Students came from local churches of the village. They are feeling happy being graduated of this 5 months training. Within these training students were taught about discipleship, leadership, evangelism, Bible journey and many other different topics.  

Leader Meeting: We had done leadership meeting four times in this year. We have been organized leadership meeting once in every three months. We involved pastors and leaders of daughter churches in this meeting and share news report about the local churches. We do pray and make planning for comings days of the ministry’s activities. This meeting is very blessing to all the leaders of Dharmikta Mandali because we get opportunity to meet and share about testimony of each other and pray for each other as well.  Every leadership meeting would run for two days. In the first day we call guest speaker to share work of God for all our missionary leaders. And second days would have reporting about the ministry. 

Relief Distribution: Due to the earthquake Nepal is in difficult situation. People live in trouble. People lost their house and lost family as well. They don’t have place to get shelter even from the rain. They are living in the open space.  We prayed for this situation of the people and churches. God hears our prayer and church believers and our prayer partners raise up their hand to support for this situation provide financial source to give earthquake relief for earthquake effected people. 

We distributed relief materials like food

items and zinc sheet for shelter for different places and people of earthquake affected areas. Prayer requ  est:  we humbly urge to pray for Dharmikta Mandali following pray request.  

1. Pray for Dharmikta Mandali believers’ spiritual growth. 

4. Pray for all the financial need of Dharmikta Mandali and local church’s land & building

6. Pray for upcoming program and plans of the Church may run forward wise and

smoothly.  Thank you very much                                  from: Dharmikta Mandali family

Some glimpse of the activities of Dharmikta Mandali




Row: Picture no. 1& 2 Destroyed houses after earthquake 3. Annual program of Dharmikta church 4. Working on building construction5. Opening ceremony of new building 6. New building of Dharmikta Mandali 7. Group picture after baptism in Dollakha church 8&9 sister fellowship and Sunday church service. 10. Relief distribution coordinating with Nepal army -11, 12  built shelter for earthquake defected people. 13, 14 relief distribution 15. Distributing GL sheet for shelter.







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